We are a Livermore CA grass-roots community organization taking action to further progressive causes, preserve our democracy, and encourage civic engagement.  

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Action Items From National Indivisible


August 12 2019

 1.Tell us you’re all in for the September fight by texting Defund Hate to 977-79. We’ll send you the latest updates on our plan for the Week of Action, and we’ll let you know when events are registered near you.

2.Call your member of Congress right now at 1-844-909-0232 to tell them you demand that they cut funding for ICE and CBP in this September’s budget. We’ll give you a script and connect you directly with your representative’s office.

3.Get up-to-speed using our Defund Hate toolkit (click button below) with tips on planning an August recess event (great practice for September!) or beginning to organize your local September day of action.

We’ve even got a leave-behind you can print and use to guide your conversations with your members of Congress and their staff. http://bit.ly/2YHsUfw

4. Use this script to call your senators now to say their thoughts and prayers are not enough. http://bit.ly/2ZXdRuU

After the mass shooting in El Paso and Dayton, every senator should publicly demand Mitch McConnell call an emergency session to debate and vote on gun violence prevention legislation AND cosponsor S. 42, which would close loopholes and require background checks for all gun purchases. Read more in our updated resource here: http://bit.ly/2YVTSPZ 



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