Healthcare Committee


 We believe health care is a human right and act to ensure affordable quality health care for all. To that end, we support the following legislation:


HB 1381 Medicare for All Act of 2019--Affirms our values and is a strong messaging bill. 

  • We will work on Senator Feinstein who has not expressed her support of the bill. 
  • We will also help expand Medicaid in other states when the opportunities arise.


Governor Newsom set the tone for Health Care on day one. While building a single payer system is our final goal, his first proposals are funding and state-level fixes for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Among the bills introduced in support of his health care goals are:

  • Health4All AB4/SB29 to expand Medical coverage to undocumented young adults.
  • CAIndividualMandate AB414/SB175 to require a penalty for not maintaining coverage and using the funding from penalties to improve affordability. 

We will continue to encourage Senator Glazer and Assembly Member Bauer-Kahan to pass these bills.  

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