Livermore Indivisible Endorsement Policy


Member-Submitted Requests

1. Any Livermore Indivisible (LI) member may submit a written request to the Steering Committee for LI to support or endorse a candidate or issue. Issues can include ballot propositions, initiatives, referendums, and measures.  

2. The request should clearly indicate how it aligns with LI’s mission statement and the reasons LI should approve the endorsement.  The request must also indicate the specific action needed. Actions may include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Send an official letter to a candidate or issue group stating LI’s support or endorsement.
  • Announce support/endorsement on social media platforms.
  • Request in writing that legislators vote for or against a specific piece of legislation.
  • Approve the LI logo to be included on a candidate’s or issue’s public announcement of supporters/endorsers.
  • Co-sponsor an event.

3. The Steering Committee will vote on the request and approve or deny. However, if the request is deemed by the Steering Committee to be potentially controversial, it will do one of the following:

  • Present it to members for approval at a general meeting  --OR--
  • If it is an urgent request, and time permitting, ask sub-committee chairs to poll their respective members for approval.

4. Sub-committees are not required to get Steering Committee approval to use the logo for events they hold. It is assumed sub-committee events fall in line with the LI mission statement. 

Issues and Legislation Endorsed by CA or National Indivisible 

  • In general, LI will support issue and legislation endorsements made by CA and National Indivisible. An exception to this would occur if a Steering Committee or general member requests a review of an endorsement made by either group. The review would look at the basics of the issue/legislation and any stated reasons for the endorsement by the state or national group. It is not expected that the Steering Committee would perform an in-depth analysis. 
  • Based on the review, Steering Committee will vote to support or not.
  • Endorsements supported by the Steering Committee will be listed on the web site. Notification of updates to endorsements will be posted on the Livermore Indivisible closed Facebook group page. 

Primary Endorsements

  • In general, LI will not endorse primary candidates. 
  • However, we will consider a local endorsement depending on the circumstances. E.G., if there are two or more candidates running for a local, state, or national office (from our district) and both the Steering Committee and membership feel strongly about one candidate, with majority consent from responding membership LI would endorse the preferred candidate. 
  • Membership consent will be obtained via email survey.